[merge request] An incompatible changes & more.

Hi, please merge my Sawfish branch. It includes:

* Collected animation modules under wm/animation/. File names
  are changed, too:
  window-anim.jl         -> animation/setup.jl
  animation/outline.jl   -> animation/main.jl
  util/window-outline.jl -> animation/modes.jl
  I don't think these names are best, but I can hardly do better now.
  (I don't understand each well enough. And they may need refactoring
  to match best to any name.)
* During user initialization, error is printed both to screen and
  stderr by default.
* Per-window animator for iconification. Use "Window Rules" to configure.
* Don't show "blank tooltip" for some tab frame-classes.
  For frame classes with empty keymap, empty tooltip was shown, but not
  any more.
* Some buttons used to show lisp expression (contents of lambda) in
  tooltip. Fixed.
* Improved news.
* Doc in edge sources.

Best regards,
Teika (Teika kazura)

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