Re: Stepping down, gratitude, etc.

> Hi, dear Sawfish users.
> I step down from "an active developer." I still subscribe this mailing
> list, but I don't read all. If you want an attention, please cc: to me.
> (My git remote still points to gnome.) I can kill wiki spams.
> I can't tell the future, but I don't think I'll be as active again as
> I used to. Maybe I'll pick up some of interesting features by mmc.
> Firefox 4 seems to flicker more than 3.x, and I'd like a fix, but
> that doesn't necessarily mean I'll do it.

Thanks for all the work you've put into sawfish!
And I wish you all the best in your future endeavours!


> As a Japanese, let me here express my greatest gratitude for all help
> to the tsunami and earthquake sufferes[1] from all over the world.
> I haven't done anything for earthquakes and tsunamis in Taiwan,
> Turkey, Indic Ocean, Indonesia, Iran, Chile, China, Haiti, etc[2]. But
> many in these region, too, not to mention others, have acted for
> them. I'm sorry I can't correctly thank you and all.
> And our nuclear power plant. I'm sorry.
> I guess you've heard what failed, but it's important, so let me
> repeat: Public agencies like ministries are corrupt, together with
> elected politicians and power supplier companies.
> In Japan, this triangle is everywhere. For example, transition of
> traffic lights to LEDs from bulbs were delayed much. Why? Because only
> companies which maintain signal lights are those which "hire" retired
> policemen. Huh? But it's true. Once it's LED, these companies lose
> contracts. So the police didn't allow this new movement. We now see
> LEDs, so they must have "solved" the issue, but I don't know how. (To
> be fair: Japanese policemen rarely, if not never, strike citizens.)
> A higher official retired from the Economy & Industry Ministry months
> ago, and was hired as an "advisor" by TEPCO, the electrity supplier
> which owns Fukushima. If there hadn't been the accident, he would have
> been "promoted" to the vice president in a year or so. Splendid.
> Ah - Fukushima is a really attractive region. That the name is poluted
> is also a big shame.
> The Ministry is supposed to supervise the electricity companies, but they
> don't put strict, but rational regulations because it'll be expensive
> -> their salaries there might be less -> no reason. "Ok, if it doesn't
> happen while I'm there, I won't be blamed. The earthquake once per
> 1000 years? I can safely ignore it."
> Your countries may be similar, but remember, eventually you have to
> pay for it. It WILL happen. "Ok, you're right, I really agree, but I
> can be kind of exempted, no? It's really tiny, and..." No.
> The nuke power plant corruption story still continues much more, but
> let me stop here. After all, you have to solve your local problems to
> improve your life, not Japan's.
> I'm not clearly pro nor con to nuke-power generation, but I can affirm
> that in Japan the power is in the hand of those who can't handle
> it. They haven't trained themselves for emergencies, because "it is
> safe."  - "Why can you say it's safe?" - "Because it's safe." In Japan,
> safety is a religion (or a sect), not accumulation of facts.
> Sigh. Anyway I thank you again for your heartfelt sympathy. The entire
> issue is so big and I can't express well.
> Teika (Teika kazura)
> [1] They don't shiver awfully any more, but it still sometimes get
> cold. Their days and nights are still difficult. Carbohydrate is not
> short, (I understand many on the earth don't have enough) but
> vitamins and iron is. Ports are terrible. Ships are gone. Vast
> farming fields are under sea. Families. Houses. Often survivors regret
> "Why was it I who survived?" Life in refuge shelters is tough.
> [2] The world has deserted Iraq, (not only US and its dogs including
> Japan, but France, Germany and Russia have done anything? NEVER.)
> Sudan, Afghan, Pakistan. Many dictators are still there. Greedy Wall
> Street hasn't received what it deserves. Lybia.

Psss, psss, put it down! -

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