Re: 1. jump-to-exec 2. switch to Sawfish From GNOME 3. the dangerous first window

On Sunday 17 April 2011 20:28:00 Shuai Lin wrote:
> Hello all,
>     I have several questions to ask. Thanks in advance:P
> 1.
>     I find "jump-to-exec" is a very handy way to switch between windows,
> only for one thing:
>     For applications whose window title would always change, such as a file
> manager,
>     how can I "jump-to-exec" such a window using jump-to-exec?

(jump-or-exec "WM_CLASS" "binary" #:match-class t)


(jump-or-exec "Amarok" "amarok" #:match-class t)

> 2. I just switched to sawfish from Ubuntu, because I prefer the Sawfish way
> so much to those GNOME stuff.
>     Now every time I boot the machine, I still have to login using the GNOME
> login GUI window.
>     How can I change my setting so that I can enter the world of sawfish
> directly?
>     I have googled this for a while, and it seems some scripts in
> /etc/X11/Xsession.d direct me to the GNOME login window.
>     Or more specifically, there are three ones I think related:
>     * 52libcanberra-gtk-module_add-
> to-gtk-modules
>     * 55gnome-session_gnomerc
>     * 70gconfd_path-on-session
>     What should I do to these in order to get rid of the GNOME login window?

Do you want to completely get rid of a Display-Manager, or do you just want to
change the default session? For first, you would have to always logon into
console and start the X-Server manually, for the second read below.

> 3. Right now, every time I boot the machine up, the first window is an Xterm
> window. If I closed this window, the session
>     would be ended and all my windows would get closed. This can be
> dangerous because I can't tell which Xterm is that one,
>     since I often open three or more of them.
>     How should I tackle this, so that the session would not be ended even if
> I close all my windows?

You choose "Sawfish" from the "Sessions"-menu in GDM (GNOME Display Manager),
that's all (you seem to be currently using the "Xterm" or "Failsafe" Session).


> Thanks for your patience to read my post. Please help me.

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