Re: librep/rep-gtk/sawfish install directories

On Thursday 14 April 2011 21:57:36 Kim B. Heino wrote:
> > version is still there
> As you said: librep also installs /usr/bin/rep*
> and /usr/lib64/* without version numbers. There is no
> downgrade path by keeping version numbers in /usr/lib64/rep/. If you
> want to do testing you have to use different install DESTDIR for that.
> Current way to have version number for librep and no version for
> rep-gtk/sawfish is confusing. Either have version for all or none at
> all.

Yeah, I just about the second possibility, adding version to them (though it 
doesn't make sense with our versioning scheme and it doesn't do anything else 
than cluttering things up (only Sawfish and SawfishPager use rep (rep-xmms and 
rep-php are dead), so it's fine like this).

Commited changes, feel free to test (and update spec-files)


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