Re: Releasing 1.8.1 on 23./30. April

> I'd like to release 1.8.1 on either 23. or 30. April, so if you have any
> open
> issues, report them (so we can fix them), also you're (still) highly
> encouraged
> to give your opinion about HotMove (see EdgeAction changes in 1.8.1 mail).
> I've got some small tasks (eg.: layout settings in SawfishConfig like the
> word-
> wrap of labels or stretching comboboxes, docs & Co), todo and that's it.

I've tested now svn trunk and generally it was a pleasant experience!

Compilation is not problematic anymore to a custom location which is
what I do all the time. These are the steps I needed:

1. cd librep
2. ./configure --prefix=$MYPREFIX
3. make
4. make install
5. cd ../rep-gtk
6. export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$MYPREFIX/lib/pkgconfig
7. ./configure --prefix=$MYPREFIX
8. make
9. make install
10. cd ../sawfish
11. export PATH=$MYPREFIX/bin:$PATH
12. ./configure --prefix=$MYPREFIX
13. make
14. make install

And now I didn't have to edit the headers!

The only modification I needed to do to my sawfish setup was related
to edge actions. I had edge flipping defined before, now I fired up
sawfish-config and could set the same thing easily.

Thanks Chris for all your hard work!

I'm looking forward to many more sawfish releases and am very happy to
see that sawfish (my favorite wm for the last 10 years at least) is
alive and well!


Psss, psss, put it down! -

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