Re: [ANNOUNCE] librep 0.91.0

On Saturday 09 April 2011 08:58:09 Ian Zimmerman wrote:
> >> Can we get this right soon, or am I doomed to keep my own private
> >> debian packages forever?
> Christopher> see git commit 285be02d989aa4f6b7038a9420d505ec08e36d99,
> Christopher> bumped soname from 9.5.0 to 9.6.0. You still need to
> Christopher> rebuild, as it's an ABI not an API change. (besides we're
> Christopher> already at 0.91.1)
> Sorry, No Good.
> The _major_ version (the 9) has to change for a backwards incompatible
> ABI change. That's what the settings I gave in my post would do.
> (The middle version increases for ABI "widenings" when you
> add new functions and variables but leave existing ones untouched.
> Please see the libtool info manual for more details.)
> Then we also have to change the name of the debian package to something
> like librep16, where 16 is the new major version.

Now I see... you're right, so it's time for 10.0.0

> I am already part way through sorting out the mess, I can let you pull
> my git tree when I'm done.  Or do you want to give me commit access on
> tuxfamily?  I do it all on a branch, of course.

After you registered at TF, tell me your username.


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