Re: [ANNOUNCE] librep 0.91.0

Christopher> Hi folks, a new stable release of librep is available for
Christopher> download now.

I'm sorry to continue such an old thread, but ..

Christopher>    * Update note [important]:

Christopher> You need to rebuild rep-gtk and sawfish against this
Christopher> version of librep, because of an ABI-change.

Why, then, has the soname level not been changed?  


dnl libtool versioning info: `CURRENT:REVISION:AGE'. CURRENT is the
dnl current interface id, REVISION is the version number of this
dnl implementation, AGE defines the first interface id also supported
dnl (i.e. all interfaces between CURRENT-AGE and CURRENT are supported)

For Linux shared library system, this translates into soname (and runtime library name  This means the
dynamic loader will be satisfied with a runtime library on the other
side of the incompatible change, with disastrous results.  This is
exactly the situation for which the soname versioning scheme was

Insetad, the correct settings would be

Where it really starts to suck is when I want to build debian packages
correctly - because Debian is very careful to get this stuff right.
Basically, if I leave the unpatched, I have to cheat in the
debian build - tell it (via the shlibs tools) that the ABI is actually

Can we get this right soon, or am I doomed to keep my own private debian
packages forever?

Ian Zimmerman <itz buug org>
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