Re: Speaking of Fedora and Sawfish

> GNOME is the entity that is placing additional restrictions on window
> managers.  If you want to run GNOME, you need a GNOME-compatible
> window manager.  And if you want to run GNOME 3, you need a window
> manager compatible with GNOME 3.

No other WindowManager than Mutter (which is, btw. german for mother) is 
compatible with GNOME3. That is, because the GNOME-Shell is - to put it 
plainly - a module of Mutter, thus only works with it.

This is - in my opinion - a major fail. It lead Canonical to Unity (which on 
it's own seems to have the same architectural problem - only works with Compiz 
as far as I can remember, so isn't any better). Plasma on the other hand 
allows for any WM to run (and is way more flexible).

Maybe the concept of GNOME-Shell is good, maybe leading into another 
direction, but with Ubuntu splitting off and not allowing other WMs to be used 
with GNOME-Shell, the GNOME Team made a big mistake. They say only this way a 
unique experience can be made. This couldn't be, if the user switches 

I don't share this opinion, 'cause: if the user switches a component (WM, 
FileManager, Panel) it's intentional, thus the user expects the behaviour 
changes, and won't complain about it.So there's no reason, other than having 
more control, (possibly) better marketing or ignorance for power-users to do 
it like they did.  I'm sure several of you won't agree, but that's what I 

Other WMs only work in fallback mode, which will be at the earliest finished 
with 3.2 and surely not what you expect, if you think of it as a real "GNOME2" 
with code cleanups (actually I won't put effort into making Sawfish integrate 
with GNOME3-Fallback, as I switched to KDE4 meanwhile, but if someone else 
provides patches, I'll of course accept them, as I don't mind what you use or 
don't use).


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