Re: Sawfish 1.8.0 and Fedora

>> So... I just added review requests to Fedora bugzilla! Let's see
>> what happens.
> Good luck.  (Seriously.)
> I've been a Fedora developer for several years now, and I've been
> building my own sawfish/librep/rep-gtk packages for even longer than
> that.  (As Michal pointed out, the .spec files that the tarballs
> contain are usually pretty good.)

It would be very useful for many of us using both sawfish and fedora
if you made these rpms available publicly. Would you be willing to do

> But the main reason I never attempted to package sawfish for Fedora
> was that I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to handle most of the
> bug requests.  I'm a sawfish user, not a sawfish developer, and
> packagers need to have good communication with "upstream".

If you just put them up on the web somewhere, a set of rpms for fedora
12, another set for fedora 13, etc, etc, I think people would be
pretty happy and wouldn't bother you with bug reports because it would
be clear that you are not a developer only a packager.

> However, if someone else wants to own the packages, I'll be happy to
> help with packaging issues, as I'm very familiar with RPM specfiles
> and the Fedora Packaging Guidelines.

I think if you provided a link to the rpms every fedora/sawfish user
would be very happy!


Psss, psss, put it down! -

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