Re: [Patch] apps-menu filtering

Thanks a lot, Matthew, you're really great at exposition as well,
still I'd like to ask a few questions.

On Sat, 11 Sep 2010 08:28:47 -0600, Matthew Love wrote:
> The menu entry gets generated in the following order now:
> parse-file -> check-exile -> associate-entries (can be skipped by setting
> 'apps-menu-associate-categories to nil) -> split-entry (based on
> category) -> filter-entry (using default or user defined filter or none) ->
> generate-menu-entry. 

Does filtering come after association & splitting? IMHO it doesn't
sound natural, but if you say "believe me", then it must be true.
> If 'apps-menu-associate-categories is set to nil (it is 't by default)
> then none of the entries will be associated with the master category
> list.

Does "master" mean classification provided by Sawfish, and otherwise spec
in *.desktop as-is is used, right?

> Honoring items such as 'NoDisplay' 'Hidden' 'OnlyShowIn' etc. are now
> set up as 'filters'.

If my understanding is correct,
1. If a filter returns something, then it's a "transformed item".
2. If nil, then "the item is filtered out". This is what bundled
   filters do.

Your examples tell already almost all, but let me suggest:
1. "fdol" may be changed to "entry" or so. And let's clarify that
   it corresponds to one application, or one *.desktop file.
2. An interested user has to look at the spec in site,
   but a simple example of "fdol" may help a lot.

I think it is general enough (= flexible enough), but at the same time
really out-of-box, so the design is already quite stable. (Superb!)
But if you're not satisfied, we can add a notice: "This is still
experimental, and the design may change for a while. If you're
interested, please join to our discussion on the ML." What do you think?

Happy Sawfish,
Teika (Teika kazura)

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