Re: Sawfish 1.7.1 will be released next week.

Hi, Chris.

Your explanation on the version numbers is clear and persuasive. I
almost agree on it. But in practice, isn't it better to release
the poweroff fix sooner, by branching directly from 1.7.0?

By doing so, testing cost is greatly reduced. It'll be great for
us, who have got many issues on hand. And since the tree is not frozen
explicitly, we keep stashing things there (_NET_WM_VISIBLE_NAME change
should be reverted; see another message), so the HEAD is not so much

In short, branch or freeze, please.

> 1.7.1 deprecates 1.7.0, because it is a newer version of the same line (1.7.x).

FYI, it may only apply to Gentoo (so I may worry too much), but when
both are available, both are possible choices.

# Sometimes, not always, I know that Sawfish-x.y.z+1
# is better than x.y.z - bugs are fixed, and new features won't
# interfere - but it's not us but distributors who judge.

Thanks a lot,
Teika (Teika kazura)

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