Re: Hot-Spots 1.0.3

> HS (Hot Spots) interaction with ID and EF (Infinite Desktop/Edge Flip):
> interaction is possible.
> [weeks later]
> (edge-actions '( ( top-right . hot-spot )
>                  ( left . edge-flip )
>                  ( bottom . infinite-desktop ) ) )

Aha, limiting ID to horiz / vert, and HS to the rest is ingenious.
My impression was that having ID in all 4 directions together with HS
will be a frustration, but I haven't tried it. (Actually I can't test
how it feels exactly, since I don't rely on ID nor EF. A temporary
tester can barely help for this kind of thing.)

> HS and ID are move to sawfish.wm.edge and the EF is moved to
> sawfish.wm.edge.flip. Stuff like restart & such should be moved to
> C.

Right. It'll also help to rename C to wm.edge.subrs. (See

> leave the flipper window as is.

Just ideas: One possible extension is to make flippers have there own
keymaps. It seems possible, by promoting the edge-flip detector
windows. I don't know how difficult it will be. (Weeks ago Janek said
he have his theme indented 1 pixel so maximized windows leave borders
to the background. He can easily invoke the root menu, by hitting the
screen edge and clicking.)

We shouldn't assume all now, but to enable per-flipper keymaps,
flippers may have to be split. And if 4 / 8 flippers have differnt
role, then it's good to make them visible, and more width, more than 1

With best regards,
Teika (Teika kazura)

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