Re: Hot-Spots 1.0.3

zanghar freenet de (2010-10-16 at 1031.32 +0200):
> Come to think of it... perhaps the edges should each have a property on what to do on
> them? would be hot-spot, infinite-desktop, edge-flip or none. (Corners are hot-spot-only)
> Imagine this: corners: hot-spots - top/bottom: edge-flip - left/right: infinite-desktop
> Any thoughts on this?

Sounds pretty good. And another reason I should pay more attention to
the draft box, I had a reply to the first mail, still applies more or

[Sizes, now configurable, maybe defaults should be screen based]
> corners are 200 px along the border, and 5 px inside the screen
> eg: if the screen is 1600x900 then bottom-right is:

The 5 pixels, I could understand if giving issues... the edge flippers
are 1 (xwininfo -tree and look for the Xx1 & 1xY windows) and they
work, so no idea why others would need 5. The 200 pixels... a bit
big. The whole point of edges and corners are that they are virtually
infinite, as they catch the mouse (Fitts' Law), not matter how much or
for how long you move "into" them, so 1 pix thicknes should do.

OK, after thinking a bit, I can see the problem with 200, you will
touch one edge first, then the other, and that makes the
corner. Rarelly you will hit the perfect corner. Anyhow, I would try
something like 1/10 of the edge (so 8/10 is normal edge, 2*1/10 are
the corners).

[Include into core sawfish and make it generic for all uses]
> interaction is possible. As already said, EF must be enabled for HS to work.
> All you need to do for proper interactions is to check your configuration:
> - hot-spot-delay is ideally at least smaller than edge-flip-delay by 100 (default
>   EF-delay is 250 and default HS-delay 150, so defaults are good). The difference depends
>   on your reaction-time. So play around with it a bit until you can activate the hot
>   spots without always flipping the screen.

Maybe all this should be refactored by creating 8 multipurpose zones
(4 thin edges, 4 L shaped corners created via 2 thin windows each),
and people can bind anything to each (edge flip to 4 edges, etc), even
with some conditionals like the "while dragging a window" of current
edge flip.

As it is triggered with delays, maybe not a problem to hit one side
then a corner, as the first hit will do nothing.


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