SawfishPager 0.7.6 will be released next week [NEW FEATURE]

Hi all,

SawfishPager 0.7.6 will be released next weekend.
At the moment there's only one change: autohiding functionality (yay!)

On start: When enabled it takes 3 seconds, before the pager is hidden (this is, to
prevent hide-window to be called before the pager is started up). Hooks into
enter-workspace and (if enabled) enter-flipper are added which will show up the pager for
pager-unhide-time seconds.

When disabling the feature from GUI again, it takes 3 seconds before it shows up (as the
functions is also called on startup, those are again that magic 3 seconds to prevent an

Q: But how can I now access the pager, when not flipping or switching workspaces?
A: This is there hot-spots* gets it's chance.

I assume pager is in the top-right-corner.
- get hot-spots (newest version posted yesterday on ML)
- require it in sawfishrc
- add to sawfishrc:

(define (top-right-program)

replace top-right-program by the most suitable one.

Besides, if pager doesn't build correctly for you, try again with sawfish from today.
sawfish.pc does now export Libs and Cflags fiels (I just ran into the issue today).

Have Fun!

PS: * I just found out KDE4 also that feature. But of course not as 1337 as mine. ;)

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