Themes for 3.0

Hi all,

I just thought about what themes we should ship with the next major version.

Here's what I have in mind:

themes to be removed (they will -of course- still be available from wiki):
	- brushed-metal
	- gradient
	- gtk
	- mono
	- smaker (makes Sawfish crash here)

themes to add:
	- dark-tabbed (ultimate-best would be all four merged into on) ;;; Fuchur?
                      ;;; Also proposed as new default
	- shiki[1] >or< dust[2]
	- zami-like[3]

themes beeing replaced:
	- simple (with tab-enabled version from wiki)

At the end it would look like:
	- absolute-e
	- crux (should get some modernized gradients. A bit of gimping and that's it)
	- elberg-tabbed
	- get-s-tabbed
	- microgui
	- mxflat
	- simple (new version)
	- dark-tab (default)
	- shiki/dust
	- zami-like

I think that's a more modern composition of themes. But of course your opinions are
welcome. (your opinion includes "I would like to see XY in the default set")

About tabbed-themes: Perhaps there's someone giving tab-support to mxflat, crux,
absoulute-e, microgui, shiki/dust and zami-like?


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