Re: preview of my proposed changes

> > - gtk 3 support early (early = until April 2011)
> ?? The transition will never finish that early. The schedule doesn't
> matter for Scheme transition.

What I meant is that, the replacement for rep needs to have it, not that 
porting to GTK+3 is done then. Also a lot can happen in 4 months, so we can't 
say for sure (in oct you said that nobody worked on tabs, and now happened a 
lot at that end (though more needs to be done)).

Either way, if the transist, then it's the task with the highest priority 
(maybe I can already start some work between the years (off from work), 
depending on whether it's already decided then or not).

> > and any other feature required by Sawfish out-of-the-box?
> Michal seems to understand Sawfish quite well, maybe best in the world
> now, but some Sawfish features are not documented.

I'm sure you're right.

> If it isn't feasible, obviously it's out of question. If it is, then
> I'll be glad. But believe me, X is a beast, and it'll be tough. I think
> it's best to translate faithfully the Sawfish's code in order to avoid
> hidden mines. But Sawfish does have its own idiosyncrasy, and outdated
> parts. ;)
> > Still you would need Teikas vote, too. (you have to be diplomatic to get
> > it, trust me, I know what I'm saying :)*
> > [...]
> > * Teika: don't take this to serious :]
> I don't understand at all what you say, so you don't have to worry. :^

I didn't worry anyway :)

> With best regards,
> Teika (Teika kazura)


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