Re: [IMPORTANT] EdgeActions ready (+ setup guide)

Thanks Chris for quick change. Now it's much better.

But, sorry for being rash, let me propose one more possibility:
(I'm not asking you this, just take it as an idea.) Put one option
"Action for screen edge" implying 4 directions, instead of each of 
vert & horiz. And a checkbox "enable window dragging across screen
edges" which defaults to true.

The basic idea is that any "complex" edge configuration needs a
couple of lines of lisp, so keep the GUI to the most likeliest one.
Examples in doc will be nice, which are rare in our current info.

> Current default is „do nothing“. Any suggestions for other defaults[...]

I think it's ok.
> Well I have 2 . 2 workspaces. [...] Though it's not 100% working:
> right-flip on firsth WS moves to fourth instead of third WS:
> 1* | 3 ==> 1 | 3
> 2  | 4 ==> 2 | 4*

See ext/workspace-grid.jl. I don't need this, so I don't work on this.

>> On the delay:
> Now it is:
> - VD: no delay
> - EF: full delay
> - HS: half delay

Oh, oh, I guessed (I don't use mouse) the opposite; that HS might need
longer delay to cancel. :) I don't know which is good, but to make the
configurator look tidy, it's better to split the option to two. (Only
the appearance. It's better for me to leave it to you.)

And I have a question: what's the difference between "none" and
"hot-spot" for the *-edge-func? It's difficult to see.

# Radio buttons in the configurator would help this; it would enable to
# seperate the lisp return value and the printed description. Current
# "choice" type forces lisp symbol, so not much descriptive.

>> * Relegate some functions in C to lisp, so that it can be used for
>>   multi-head dead-zone problem, too. Currently C functions are
>>   not exported from lisp modules, so it can be after the release,
>>   but it's better to combine API changes in one release.
> adding them as SUBRS isn't enough? Or do you plan on more work?

I'll do it, when I feel like. To apply it to dead-zone, geometry has
to be specified, and several flippers may be created, so it's easier
to manage flipper windows in lisp, say with a list, or returning
each to users. (Of course you don't have to pass 4 edges to users.)

>> * Rename src/flippers to src/edge.
> ... I doubt that. flippers != edges. What we do in C is handling the flippers, 
> edges are handled in LISP. 

It's because the word "flip" means turning a page leaf, so not for
VD. When it's used in dead-zone, "edge" may not be best, but I don't
know better name. (Even in dead-zone, it's not X edge which contains
dead-zones, but it's edge in natural sense, the screen's border.)

> I doubt there will be much 'others'. So again it's our points of view. ;)

Fine observation. ;] (bracket = GSR style :)

Now are we ready to merge it to HEAD?

Teika (Teika kazura)

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