[IMPORTANT] EdgeActions ready (+ setup guide)

Hi all!

EdgeActions is now considered stable and ready for testing (and merge into 
master, once verified by other people than just me).

Q: What is EdgeActions (EA)?
A: The union of EdgeFlip, HotSpots and ViewportDrag (ex InfiniteDesktop)

Q: How to test?
A: git branch test # create new branch "test" from master
    git checkout test # switch to it
    git merge edge-actions # ... you need to resolve the conflicts (sorry)
    go installing and testing

Q: How to set it up?
A: Everything except the hot-spots actions can be setup via SawfishConfig.

Also all 4 edges are now separated, that means you decide which edges have an 
action and which action they perform! (yay for »yet-another-configuration-
option« ™)

Actions for when hitting the edge with the pointer and when hitting while 
moving a window are now SPLIT. So you can have separated behavior or the same 
for both cases, just as you like.

The 4 corner are preserved to HotSpots. By default the corners are 50 px in 
both x and y direction along the edge from each corner, it's adjustable.

Besides ViewportDrag now also works while moving a window. 

(We do now have much more flexibility with noticably less and easier-to-read 
code. You'll be thrilled once you got used to it.)

Next follows my example configuration:

;; fancy customized edge-actions
( require 'sawfish.wm.edge.actions )

( defvar-setq edge-actions-enabled t )
( defvar-setq edge-actions-delay 250 )

( edges-activate )

;; NOTE the lambda!
;; NOTE the syntax-change in jump-or-exec!
( defvar-setq top-left-corner-program
  ( lambda () ( jump-or-exec "Iceweasel" "iceweasel" #:match-class t ) ) )

( defvar-setq top-right-corner-program
  ( lambda () ( pager-unhide ) ) )

( defvar-setq  bottom-right-corner-program
  ( lambda () ( system "amarok &" ) ) )

( defvar-setq bottom-left-corner-program
  ( lambda () ( jump-or-exec "VirtualBox" "VirtualBox" #:match-class t ) ) )

( defvar-setq top-edge-program
  ( lambda () ( jump-or-exec "Konsole" "konsole" #:match-class t ) ) )

( defvar-setq bottom-edge-program
  ( lambda () ( delete-window ( input-focus ) ) ) )

;; actions when pointer hits edge
( defvar-setq left-edge-func 'flip-viewport )
( defvar-setq right-edge-func 'flip-viewport )
( defvar-setq bottom-edge-func 'none )
( defvar-setq top-edge-func 'hot-spot )

;; actions while moving window hits edge
( defvar-setq left-edge-move-func 'flip-workspace )
( defvar-setq right-edge-move-func 'flip-workspace )
( defvar-setq bottom-edge-move-func 'hot-spot )
( defvar-setq top-edge-move-func 'none )

That's it.

Happy testing,


Re: microsoft.eu.org: Rat Head Linux
Gesendet von B man am Fr, 24. Mär 2000 um 10:35

Lieber Robert,

da ich seit fast 10 Jahren mit Linux (Caldera, Suse und Mandrake) und 
WindowsNT (hoffentlich bald 2000) zusammenarbeite (bei Linux MUSS),
habe ich Ahnung.

  Re: Re: microsoft.eu.org: Rat Head Linux
  Gesendet von milbe am Fr, 24. Mär um 13:23

  Immerhin sehr anständig von dir, dass du sie
  so gut versteckst, dass es keiner merkt...

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