Re: Themes for 3.0

> >OK. The proper fix would be to listen to focus-in, check whether the
> >window was raised, and THEN raise the group. Though I haven't yet
> >checked, whether we have something like raised-p or similar.
> The focus-in-hook was complete remove by one of my last patches. With
> my settings we don't need it. Do you got errors (Overlapping in the
> Tabbar something like this

Ah, OK. You're right, raising does work properly now. I didn't realize it's a 
drawing bug. Besides 90 degree turned-around text is on my TODO, can't promise 
when it will arrive (now where edge-actions is done and gtk3 (pre-release) 
arrived in Debian/Experimental I will now focus on porting. Pager first, then 

> >Also: what do you plan on doing for tabs? I just would like to know how
> >much is still beeing done, so that I know whether I can release the RC of
> >Sawfish 1.8 in December or not. (won't happen without edge-actions and
> >tabs-ng).
> >
> >Chris
> I guess tab support in sawfish is at this moment only alpha.
> We really always call a hook before we reframe a window,
> adjustment-title in frames.jl is only a hack i think.
> opaque move or resize not work correct with tabs.
> Maybe someone who understand lips should take a look in tab tabgroup ...

Well, compared to the original code, it was been revised by Scott Scriven, 
then by Nathan Froy, followed by small changed done by me and Alexey, then you 
did lots of changes -- I would call it beta now.

It's not perfect, but way better than before and the old one was included 

> The next two - three weeks i have not the time to work on themes or
> tabs support.

That's not a problem of course. I'm not sure whether to do a RC around 22nd 
Dec with or without tabs-ng. I would say yes, but I wonder what Teika will say 


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