Re: Themes for 3.0

> OK. The proper fix would be to listen to focus-in, check whether the window
> was raised, and THEN raise the group. Though I haven't yet checked,
> whether we have something like raised-p or similar.
> Also: what do you plan on doing for tabs? I just would like to know how
> much is still beeing done, so that I know whether I can release the RC of
> Sawfish 1.8 in December or not. (won't happen without edge-actions and
> tabs-ng).

sorry for the double-reply: for tabs we could do something like tabbed-p, so 
that raise-tabs-on-hover can check on it. tabbed-p would be t if there is a 
group of atleast two windows, single windows are aren't considered tabs, if 
you ask me.

> Chris

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