Re: compilation fails on Fedora 14

On Wed, Nov 03, 2010 at 10:17:32AM +0100, Mihai T. Lazarescu wrote:
> I compiled and installed librep-0.91.0 and rep-gtk-0.90.4
> RPMs on Fedora 14.  When I compile sawfish- RPM I get
> the error:
>     ../../../lisp:../../..//lisp rep compiler -f compile-batch widgets/color.jl
>     widgets/color.jl:34: In function `make-color-item':

Did you have errors during librep or rep-gtk installation and you
ended up with some duplicate packages?  Or maybe you installed
previously such libraries not using rpm packaging and old stuff was
not removed when you were updating these?  It smells like you are
attempting to use wrong versions of libraries.

Also you have to be careful when compiling new rep-gtk.  First you
have to compile new librep and librep-devel AND install these before
continuing with rep-gtk even if you are getting some flak about
dependencies.  The same with new rep-gtk and rep-gtk-devel and a new
sawfish compilation.  If you have all binary packages then you can
update everything, on another system, in one transaction and that
will have all dependencies properly resolved at once.  When doing
that step-by-step an end result will be ok too but intermediate
stages not necessarily.


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