I'm off for about 3 weeks

Hi all,

just wanted to tell ya, that I'm moving to a different flat and thus I won't have an
internet-connection for atleast until the 17th, in case everything goes well.

Actually I'm just going to work offline and visit some kiosk from time to time to
check mails & stuff. If there's something urgent to commit, then you may ask Jeremy
or Timo, they also have GIT accounts.

But of course I'll release librep 0.90.6 and rep-gtk 0.90.2 tommorow, as I said.



Re: Sidux ist geil!
Gesendet von romantic gorilla am Mi, 15. Jul um 22:56

> *Buntu in die Tonne und Sidux drauf.

häää? *buntu rein in die tonne und sidux oben drauf auf die tonne?
und was soll das bringen?

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