Re: sawfish 1.6.3 can't compile sawfish.wm.util.prompt

How about adding 
  ;; This is to compile correctly
  (require 'prompt) 
inside of eval-when-compile? An entry 'prompt' in the 'open' clause
may be deleted by someone in the future, "Hey, it's redundant."
Double defvar is insane.

It's also okay to delete eval-when-compile. What's wrong with compiler
warnings after all? If you don't like it, it's possible to add
  (format standard-error 
          "Ignore such-and-such warnings below. They're know\n"))

The trick of bug reproduction seems to be the compilation order.

My log (compiled without error) looks:
(compiling sawfish/wm/util/ping.jl)
(compiling sawfish/wm/util/play-audio.jl)
(compiling sawfish/wm/util/prompt-extras.jl)
(compiling sawfish/wm/util/prompt-wm.jl)
(compiling sawfish/wm/util/prompt.jl)

But Harald's is:
(compiling sawfish/wm/util/ping.jl)
(compiling sawfish/wm/util/prompt.jl)

Mine is alphabetical order. In Harald's environment, prompt.jl comes
right after ping.jl, before other prompt*. 

Dunno from where this difference comes from. Putting LC_ALL=C may do,
but in Allan Duncan's case, it's not alphapbetical at all. Why??
Anyway even it fixes, it is a bogus solution, by Harald's great

It seems that Jeremy's patch on 19 sep 2009, which can be tracked from
the wiki, gets rid of these defvar's, but I haven't checked it.
Jeremy, what do you think of it? (It's not urgent. Correct compilation
is what's needed now.)

Harald, thank you very much for maintaining Gentoo.
Teika (Teika kazura)

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