Re: current-head vs. pointer-head

> One thing is bothering me.  Sometimes I want to open new window
> on specific head.  I move mouse cursor to that head and press
> keyboard shortcut or run command in terminal.  The problem is -
> most placement modes uses current-head function, that returns
> head that contains focused window.  But, I also like
> centered-on-parent mode for transient windows.
> I don't really like to write yet another placement mode.  Is
> there any way to add configuration option for that case?

+1 for this!

I prefer "first-fit" placement mode. My primary head (right) has
gnome-panel on top and second head (left, sticky log/debugging windows
only) doesn't. First fit is on (0,0), second head.

My current workaround is to open log/debug windows first. Is there a
better way? Perhaps I should try to find some time to learn more lisp
to write first-fit-for-mouse-head-only.

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