Re: gtk+3 (was: [IMPORTANT] How much time are you planing to spend on Sawfish 3.0)

Am Sun, 23 May 2010 16:56:14 +0900 (JST)
schrieb Teika Kazura <teika lavabit com>:

> Hi. I approve that it should be that gtk3 is an option, not a switch
> now. Is it easy to support both 2 and 3, Chris?
> It may be obvious, but
> * many apps rely on gtk+2, so it won't die immediately. In gentoo
>   Linux for example, gtk+1 is still available.
> * Is gtk+3 API design stable enough? If the upstream causes a flood of
>   changes, it'll be a waste.
> * When will distros and other apps support gtk+3? Not soon, so I don't
>   feel like pulling in large dependency tree for gtk+3, only for
>   Sawfish.
> * If our kind people don't feel like using the latest Sawfish, then it
>   slows down the development.
> But I thank Chris. It is not a preferred task, and requires skills,
> but if gtk+2 dies sometime in the future, then who'll do it?

Actually GTK+3 is "just" an improved GTK+2, but a majority of widgets beeing used
in Sawfish is going to be removed, because they are marked deprecated since GTK+
2.0.0. Next Sawfish 3.0.0 is *currently* scheduled for June 2010, while GTK+ 3.0.0 is
released in September 2010, so we are not that early. Sawfish 3.0.0 is expected to
also break things, as it's another major version. GTK+2 and 3 and be installed at
the same time.

Besides: who said that 1.6x dies immediately when 3.0x entering the alpha-phase? Of
course testers need GTK+3, but well, you can install Fedora/Ubuntu/Mandriva/SuSE &
Co. as testdistro (or in VirtualBox), those distros next major release will ship
GTK+3. And installing GTK+3 manually besides GTK+2 won't include much more than
GLib3, newer Cairo and Pango, that should be it.

However keep 3.0.0 at GTK+2 and switching to GTK+3 with 3.2.0 or 3.4.0 doesn't make

> On the other hand, rep-gtk is only used by Sawfish, so I'm afraid it
> might be too much to make rep-gtk support all widgets of gtk. Only
> needed are sufficient, no? (It's really unlikely, but if a saviour
> comes, and gives us a Sawfish re-implemented in some other good Lisp,
> then rep-gtk is not necessary.)

Of course at first only the necessary stuff is implemented.

> With best regards,
> Teika (Teika kazura)


Macht doch mal ehrliche Statistiken
Gesendet von Max am Mi, 17. Jun 2009 um 9:11

Was ist das denn wider für ein Murks? Das ist ja wie bei Microsoft. Alle Firefox
Versionen mir zwei IE Versionen zu vergleichen ergibt zwar auf den ersten Blich
schöne Zahlen, aber Fakt ist halt das der IE leider immer noch mehr Marktanteile hat
als Firefox.

  Re: Macht doch mal ehrliche Statistiken
  Gesendet von demon am Mi, 17. Jun um 10:50

  Wir als Pro-Linux haben die ultimativen Zahlen. Als Nabel der Welt können
  wir mit großer Sicherheit sagen, dass 50.7% der Menschheit Linux, 36.5% Windows,
  4.4% Mac und 1% Solaris respektive BSD benutzt.

  Und die Browser? 56.8% Firefox, 12,2% Mozilla, 8.1% Opera, 7.4% Explorer,
  4.2% Konqueror und 3.2% Safari. Wahrscheinlich sind die Zahlen allerdings
  genauso viel aussagend, wie die gefühlt eine Milliarde anderer Statistiken.


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