Re: [IMPORTANT] How much time are you planing to spend on Sawfish 3.0

Am Sat, 22 May 2010 17:11:19 +0200
schrieb Christopher Roy Bratusek <zanghar freenet de>:

> Hi folks,
> I would like to begin the planingphase for Sawfish 3.0. Therefore I wanted to know:
> a) who is going to definitively contribute (stepping in, when you got some free
> time is not going to be calculated in the plans)
> b) how much time/manpower you'll spend
> c) what your plans are (wether something new, bugfixing, docs, translations or
> items from ProposedGoals (<- everybody should check))
> FYI: porting to GTK+ 3.0 is the most important thing on the todo list.
> That's all. At least for now. Without knowing the answers I would say 3.0 alpha end
> of September/beginning of October (when rep-gtk/sawfish are ported to GTK+ 3.0),
> beta in December (as usual Christmas -2/-3 days), RC in march 2011, final in June.

RC1 in april, RC2 in may… would be better I guess
> We'll see.
> Regards,
> Chris 


Re[3]: ???
Gesendet von Strolchi am Fr, 24. Jul um 11:59

Du meinst für welche Idioten M$ Geld ausgibt. Oder kann so ein Schwachsinn ausser
von einem Idiot gepostet werden?

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