Re: Is Sawfish lightweighted?

+1 for lightweight, it does use exactly 8 MB here (of course size of the theme,
loaded modules and Co does matter, too, or wether using .jlc or .jl files, so I'm
sure you can trim it down to 6-7 MB). I mean my machine has 6 GB of RAM and a 4 x
2.3 GHz AMD Processor, so if Sawfish isn't lightweight, then... what else? Also -
like others already said - you can barely compare MetaCity/OBox with Sawfish, as
Sawfish got much more features, more features need more resources, trim down Sawfish
to be just like MC/OB and the result will be the same, than not even better. It's
like comparing OO.o Writer with Abiword, Abiword is more lightweight, but Writer
has more features. I also guess the RAM needed by sawfish increased a bit, for the
truckload of new functions in rep-gtk (which are loaded with sawfish) and other
stuff that hasn't been there before (tab, j-o-e, much more defcustoms, viewports
loaded by default). But those all-in-all 1 - 2 MB (in the last 2 1/2 years) more
RAM are nothing compared to the amount of new functions/features, aren't they?
Hurray for librep! :)



der Initiator des Linux-Kernels
Gesendet von Umfundisi am Do, 10. Dez 2009 um 14:31

Muss das in jedem Artikel stehen?

  Re: der Initiator des Linux-Kernels
  Gesendet von sleipnir am Do, 10. Dez um 14:59

  Was soll denn sonst da stehen? Der Dicke aus Finnland?

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