Re: Should we release 1.6.4 which only contains byte-comp fix?

Am Montag, den 28.06.2010, 22:01 +0200 schrieb Daniel Fetchinson:
> > I think it's better to release Sawfish-1.6.4 which contains
> > only the byte-compilation fix. What do you think?
> I generally think it never hurts to bump the version number. Reason is
> -- whether you like it or not -- the public perception of a software
> package is influenced by the rate of growth in the version number. And
> generally sawfish is thought to be very slowly evolving so keeping a
> faster changing version number won't hurt. I'd also say that switching
> to 1.7 shouldn't be thought of as a gigantic change which is only
> warranted by a killer new feature. Just about any change can turn
> 1.6.x into 1.7 I think and this will only benefit sawfish.
> It's not as if we had to pay tax after each version bump!
> Release early, release often!
> Cheers,
> Daniel

I'm not a friend of release early, release often.

If people need orgastic versions-numbers they should switch to emacs
(I've heard it's cappable of washing the dishes or taking a shower for
you, too)

Well… I've made up my mind a bit for the roadmap to 3.0…
It's not yet finished (enough) to be proposed, but well 1.7x is planed.


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