[Patch] rep-gtk bugfix ** atempt **

Hi, the attached patch *tries* to fix a bug in rep-gtk/gtk.defs.
However, since I don't know the exact grammar of rep-gtk, the patch is
probably still wrong, especially on pointer treatments. Anyway, the
intention must be clear.

Teika (Teika kazura)

diff --git a/gtk.defs b/gtk.defs
index d9b8e17..ca28601 100644
--- a/gtk.defs
+++ b/gtk.defs
@@ -4871,19 +4871,19 @@
   ((GtkStatusIcon status_icon)))
-(define-func gtk_status_icon_popup_menu
+(define-func gtk_status_icon_position_menu
-  ((GtkStatusIcon status_icon)
-   (GtkMenu menu)
-   (uint button)
-   (uint activate_time)))
+  ((GtkMenu menu)
+   ((ret int) x)
+   ((ret int) y)
+   (bool push_in)
+   (GPointer user_data)))
 ; remove screen
-(define-func gtk_status_icon_get_geometry_interp
+(define-func gtk_status_icon_get_geometry
   ((GtkStatusIcon status_icon)
-   ((ret int) x)
-   ((ret int) y)
+   (GdkScreen screen)
+   (GdkRectangle area)
    ((ret GtkOrientation) orientation)))
 ;; GtkColorButton

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