Re: Future releases as tar.bz2 and tar.xz

On 18/01/10 07:59, Christopher Roy Bratusek wrote:
Hi all,

nothing special, just some news:

all future releases will be available as tar.bz2 and tar.xz.
XZ is also known as LZMA2 and has a much better compression than bz2.

For example Sawfish 1.6.1:

du -h sawfish-1.6.1.tar.{xz,bz2}
2,4M sawfish-1.6.1.tar.xz
3,6M sawfish-1.6.1.tar.bz2

So this is -30%, which helps saving bandwith and stuff. Though not
necessary for most people, but in non-industrial countries (or in
non-urban regions) there are a lot people who can't access DSL (and


Of course the compression comes at a cost - it really chews CPU time.
For those using GNU tar, the man page is less than helpful, use:
    tar --xz -cf <archive.tar.xz> <source>
If there is an abbreviated option I can't see it.
    tar -xf <archive.tar.xz>
    tar -tf <archive.tar.xz>

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