[ANNOUNCE] sawfish-pager 0.7.2

Hi all,

a new version of sawfish-pager is available in stores now.

What is sawfish-pager?

sawfish.wm.ext.pager is a c/lisp extension that provides a functional
desktop pager for the sawfish window manager. Originally written by
Daniel Pfeiffer.

Where to get it?


What's new?

Version 0.7.2 (2010-01-08, Teqnology)

     * sawfish-pager now depends on Sawfish 1.6.1 as we do now include
       the sawfish-client header directly

     * sawfish-pager now depends on librep 0.90.5 as it fixes the issue
       that users don't see strings from pager.jlc in sawfish-config,
       while they do from pager.jl

     * majorly revised Makefile

     * the following defines are no longer valid:
       they are hardcoded to be default from now on.
       the frameover feature is still optional and can be enabled by
       passing -DFRAMEOVER
       to `make'.

     * sawfish.pc is now beeing used to detect which imageloader
       (gdk-pixbuf-xlib or imlib1) to use (-DHAVE_GDK_PIXBUF is set

     * Fixed a bug where the pager doesn't display windows in the
       proper viewport [Jeremy Hankins]


Have fun,

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