Re: Sawfish on ferora 12 has no window frames

On 28/12/09 19:29, Allan Duncan wrote:
On 28/12/09 03:21, Christopher Roy Bratusek wrote:
Am Mon, 28 Dec 2009 00:32:31 +1100
schrieb Allan Duncan<amd2345 fastmail com au>:

I put sawfish (1.6.0) onto an F12 box, and there are no frames around
the windows - no size, close, drag etc. If you go to the Sawfish
Configurator, the Appearance tab has no contents. Xorg 1.7.1, gnome
2.28. Works fine on F11. Xorg 1.6.4, gnome 2.26

Any output in .xsession-errors or stderr, if started from terminal
(`sawfish-config')? Perhaps the themes aren't installed properly.

Wierd. When you attempt to start Appearance you get the message:
*** Remote sawfish error: (error "can't parse tar file listing line (GNU
or Solaris tar required): -rw-r--r-- test-32/test-32 60 2009-12-23 03:47

(test-32 is the user name).

Now, I can "tar -txzf /usr/share/sawfish/1.6.0/themes/gradient.tar.gz"
successfully, but does the error mean that it is trying to use the file
README as an argument list to tar?

OK, I've had the time to play a little further, and it gets wierder still.
First I'll describe my setup to show the context of the error messages.
I have a partition with F11-64, another with F12-32, and a single /home partition, with the user alland existing in both F11 and F12, so sawfishrc etc is identical on both boots. sawfish et al were compiled on F12 under user test-32, and F11 under user alland.

Now the interesting bit - when I run sawfish-config as user alland on F12, I get a similar but different error meassage as the one above:
[alland zeus ~]> sawfish-config
*** Remote sawfish error: (error "can't parse tar file listing line (GNU or Solaris tar required): -rw-r--r-- test-32/test-32 760 2009-12-23 03:47 Elberg-tabbed/INSTALL\012")
[alland zeus ~]>

A different themes tar to the earlier barf.
Note that the owner/group given is that of the compile, not the user invoking sawfish.

Now that I've got my working home dir on F12, I'll try recompiling sawfish in the vain hope that the hyphenated user name in the tar files is the bug.

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