Re: changing the main menu

>   Certainly does - one or two other questions---basically I want to
> re-order the items on the root menu...where does Sawfish get this
> info from?? I'd like to look at that file(s) to see how Sawfish
> builds the menu. Is this possible?

The menus that are defined by default are in menus.jl on my computer. They
are defined statically (that is, they are not built by sawfish when it

> The debian-menu I referred to is in ~/.sawfish/lisp - it's called
> debian-menu.jl 

I'm not on debian, so I don't have this file; you can send it on my mail
(fdelente at mail dot cpod dot fr) so that I can try to fathom it out (no
guarantee though :^)

You could "activate" the commands in this file by copying its content in
your ~/.sawfish/rc, or loading debian-menus.jl from ~/.sawfish/rc (don't
know yet which command to use to do that, but I'll look it up if I find 5


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