Re: New tab themes

Am Tue, 23 Feb 2010 14:54:16 +0900 (JST)
schrieb Teika Kazura <teika lavabit com>:

> Danke schön, fuchur, what an effort! Because the step is giant, I
> don't know what we should do now.

The patch for the lock-button is already commited days ago.

I wanted to test it, but something is broken here. Everytime I start SawfishConfig I
get a bad closure and no frame. With each theme. (Currently using Zami-like-saw),
which used to work just perfect. But then suddenly. Either way I need to reinstall
my Debian, as with the last freeze (I hate FGLRX, but RadeonHD/Radeon give a black
(or white) screen here) something heavily broke. (e. g.: /sbin/init was chmod -s
000), so it will take a bit until I can properly test.

> If Sawfish's theme mechanism were better, then fuchur's theme could be
> implemented more lucidly. Ideally, we should hack in such direction,
> but it'll take time, if not impossible, considering our developer
> population. But we're not in hurry, so if someone feel like, then
> it'll be great. I've never read tab(group).jl, and I can't schedule it
> on my agenda right now.

"developer population" sounds funny. But you're right.

> The ideal: 4 themes are unified into one, (not limited to
> Smoothly-Tab) not only globaly, but also configurable per window (via
> window-rules).
> One way is to add the themes and the patch as-is, marking
> "experimental, the design may change". (Anyway, tab is experimental ;)
> Real use makes it even better.

That sounds good.

> Todos at hand: turn "tab-left-dec-width" and others to the part of
> theme, not current user option, so that users don't have to set it
> manually per theme;

I've planned that recently. At least for Get-S-tabbed and Elberg-tabbed.
The two other tabbed themes (gradient-tabbed/smooth-tab) would need to be updated
for Sawfish 1.6.3

> for smoothly-tabs, the value be set automatically
> as the button number changes; (if it's a good idea) C-Button1-Off on
> the title bar is bound to "configure theme".
> Tschüs,
> Teika (Teika kazura)
> # I think it used to be "tschüß".

In old days, now it's Tschüss (ss = fast leading vocal, s = normal leading vocal, ß
= "sz" + long leading vocal (ergo s and ß are pronounced different))



Blender-Team kündigt weiteren Kurzfilm an

Ihr könnt alles besser...
Gesendet von Regul am Di, 12. Mai 2009 um 9:36

Deutschland einig Meckerland.
"Der Film ist schlecht...geht überhaupt nicht...schlechte Animation..."

Mann was seid ihr scheiße. Nicht mal begründen warum das so ist, Hauptsache meckern.
Das ist ein freies Projekt, erstellt ohne damit Geld zu verdienen. Einzig und allein
um ein Produkt in der Praxis zu verbessern. Ich behaupte einfach das jeder der hier
solche harte Kritik übt, nie 3D-Animationen erstellt hat.

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