Re: New tab themes

Danke schön, fuchur, what an effort! Because the step is giant, I
don't know what we should do now.

If Sawfish's theme mechanism were better, then fuchur's theme could be
implemented more lucidly. Ideally, we should hack in such direction,
but it'll take time, if not impossible, considering our developer
population. But we're not in hurry, so if someone feel like, then
it'll be great. I've never read tab(group).jl, and I can't schedule it
on my agenda right now.

The ideal: 4 themes are unified into one, (not limited to
Smoothly-Tab) not only globaly, but also configurable per window (via

One way is to add the themes and the patch as-is, marking
"experimental, the design may change". (Anyway, tab is experimental ;)
Real use makes it even better.

Todos at hand: turn "tab-left-dec-width" and others to the part of
theme, not current user option, so that users don't have to set it
manually per theme; for smoothly-tabs, the value be set automatically
as the button number changes; (if it's a good idea) C-Button1-Off on
the title bar is bound to "configure theme".

Teika (Teika kazura)

# I think it used to be "tschüß".

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