Re: quotation question + good lisp doc

Chris, are you going to replace the current jump-or-exec
with cycle-or-exec? If so, I won't touch jump-or-exec.jl for a while.
It seems good.

But the *filename* jump-or-exec.jl is really good, so we should't 
throw it away.

I'll work on it later, waiting my class enhancements, but what you
want must look like this:
(define (cycle-or-exec re prog #!key name match-class)
  (let (forward-name backward-name)
    (when (stringp prog)
      (setq name prog))
    (if name
	 (setq forward-name (concat "cycle-" name))
	 (setq backward-name (concat forward-name "-backwards")))
      (setq forward-name
	    (concat "cycle-" (closure-name prog)))
      (setq backward-name
	    (concat forward-name "-backwards")))
    (if match-class
          forward-name backward-name
          (cycle-or-exec-backend (filter-windows-by-class re) prog))
        forward-name backward-name
        (cycle-or-exec-backend (filter-windows-by-name re) prog)))))
This is closer to the original one. Here, 'intern' is not necessary.
(I learned what's 'intern'. :)

1. 'prog' can be string or function, as original.
2. If 'name' is non-nil, it's used as the name for command.
3. Else, the function name is used for command.

On Sat, 13 Feb 2010 21:10:20 +0100, Christopher Roy Bratusek wrote:
> 2. Someone got a link to a good lisp doc (got holidays next week, so
> finally some time to get more familar with something different when
> python).

It may be trivial, but it's good to ask at ML, too, if you come across
a lisp riddle. If you don't know something, many don't, so asking here
helps to share knowledge. :)

Teika (Teika kazura)

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