Todos for 3.0, and my agenda

I've noted down most of todos which came to my mind for 3.0 (and
after 3.0) in Wiki. See "Proposed Goals" and "Long term todos"
pages. (Or "main" -> "developments" -> these two) I'd like many users,
not only developers, to have a browse there when you can, and give us
feedbacks. Anything, requests, comments, digressions, are welcome.

How's the priority? I'm going to work on keyboard fix. When you switch
the keyboard layout with ISO_Next_Group key, some key & mouse events
will not be understood correctly by Sawfish. Though relatively few
people are troubled, it's a real harm for them. It may be able to fix
the hackish support for mouse buttons >= 5 at the same time.

Chris is also concerned in keyboard hack, of different aspects. They're
recorded in Wiki, too.

Most of the rest has no plan yet. But if someone wants to work on
some, we may be able to provide some help, for example to tell where
the problem lies. (Maybe not ;) It'll be great if someone can cook up
a script to realize one of them, even if it's a private one and cannot
go into the main trunk immediately.

Since I don't know X almost at all, the keyboard fix will take
time. So I'm going to do easier tasks too in parallel. It includes new
func 'display-window-position', 'Focus-by-direction' (script in Wiki),
dmg-gpsy, etc. (But my personal interests - there're several - will be
dealt first. :P) And jump-or-exec.

I think trayer & maximization glitch and multi-head support is the
second most important things, but I can't work on them now.

I know the list is not complete yet.

Happy Sawfish,
Teika (Teika kazura)

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