Re: Problem with sawfish and GNOME global menus

On Tue, 2010-12-21 at 13:25 +0900, Teika Kazura wrote:
> Now, what exactly happens in focus_in()? It updates window frames, and
> call focus-in-hook. In focus-in-hook, two things are done:
> 1. _NET_ACTIVATE_WINDOW is set, in `update-focus-state' in
> state/wm-spec.jl. I lose track here, since I don't know ewmh.

That should be _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW, but thank you, that is exactly the
problem, and you probably saved me a lot of time finding that.
gnome-globalmenu uses this (via a handler for libwnck's
active_window_changed event) to determine which menu bar to show.

So, for the global menu bar to work, this should not be set. And if this
is called via focus-in-hook, it already gets an argument 'grab. It
currently ignores any arguments, but it can be made to use it without
any problems.

I will prepare a patch to only set _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW for 'normal focus
events later.


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