Re: Problem with sawfish and GNOME global menus

> sawfish focus the GNOME panel when clicking on it. metacity and openbox make
> dock type windows unfocusable.

when I run xprop on the gnome panel, I see:

                Client accepts input or input focus: True

Is this wrong?

>I avoided this problem in sawfish locally by
> changing focus-click-through to never-focus in dock-window-properties. I
> don't think this is appropriate, so I'm not asking for this to be changed in
> sawfish.
> However, even with that change, it still didn't work: the menus still
> changed to the desktop's menus. And this does look questionable on sawfish's
> part: it happens because sawfish takes the grabbing of keyboard input as a
> normal focus event. In src/events.c, focus_out includes an early return:
>    if (ev->xfocus.detail == NotifyPointer
>        || ev->xfocus.mode == NotifyGrab || ev->xfocus.mode == NotifyUngrab)
>        return;
> but focus_in's early return is simpler:
>    if (ev->xfocus.detail == NotifyPointer)
>        return;
> When I change focus_in to also return on NotifyGrab/Ungrab, things work
> great.
For some reason, I have been using
    if ((ev->xfocus.mode == NotifyGrab)
        || (ev->xfocus.mode == NotifyUngrab))

without any problems  (with focus-mode click).

But still, if you have some Grabbing client (password input, ...) you
lose the feedback from the WM (framing).

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