How to compile sawfish (with makepp)?

I am trying to get the sawfish suite to compile with makepp, but I am failing because of various problems.


You are using a funny feature of gmake, whereby the rule to create an include file can come after the include statement (and possibly be influenced by variables from the include file itself -- a circular dependency, which gmake would just ignore).  Makepp OTOH has a one pass parser, and can only work around this in a clumsy way.  It would be nice to move the rule up before the include statements!

Your libtool itself has a magic number pointing to bash, necessary because it uses the += operator not understood by other shells.  Yet you contradict that with (only works if your sh is a bash):

LIBTOOL=$(SHELL) $(top_builddir)/libtool
rep_LIBTOOL=$(SHELL) $(top_builddir)/libtool

The next problem is that install in lisp, man & src depends on mkinstalldirs.  While gmake manages to build it, I don't see how.  And makepp also misses that rule.  If I manually link it to those subdirs, it works.  I guess there is no sence in installing only from a subdir, so you might just leave that part out of the submakefiles.  Or please give me a hint how
mkinstalldirs gets there!

REP-GTK 0.90.4

I don't know where to start, or rather how to tell it where I put librep.  I tried (I want all sawfish stuff in the same dir):

configure --prefix=/opt/sawfish LIBREP_CFLAGS=-I/opt/sawfish/include LIBREP_LIBS=-L/opt/sawfish/lib

which works, but in the top makefile I get an impossible

include $(repexecdir)/

The file is there alright, deep under /opt, but how do I tell it the path?  There is a scant mention of a few PKG_CONFIG vars, but I don't know how to add dirs, and the wiki doesn't touch all of this at all.

I guess I'll also have that problem when I get round to sawfish, so if the same solution doesn't apply there, please advise!

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Daniel Pfeiffer

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