Re: Compilation Issue

> --5-buttons is a run-time option (just in case you didn't notice).
> It fixes some keyboard issues, russian users experienced, I'm sure,
> it would fix yours, too.

Ah, thought it was a compiler option.

> And sorry for your lost time, a proper fix is to be expected for
> 3.0.0 (released mid of next year).

No apology necessary. Much of the time was spent on sorting out the old 
libraries issue (I only do a clean install when I buy a new machine, so I end 
up with quite a few of these problems after a few years). I:ll try out 1.7.0 
when I get a chance.

Professor Andrew A Adams                      aaa meiji ac jp
Professor at Graduate School of Business Administration,  and
Deputy Director of the Centre for Business Information Ethics
Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan

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