Re: Has this list-server fallen over?

Changing topic, I'm looking into registering sawfish with gnome, and as a start seeing what metacity does. Now I don't program much these days, and the standards committees change things faster than I can keep track of, but the metacity code is full of a function (an Operator I suppose) g_new() that I can't place. It is like the C++ new(), but takes two args: a type and a count. Eg
    window = g_new (MetaWindow, 1);
There is also a g_new0():
    retval = g_new0 (char*, n_strings + 1);
    flattened = g_string_new ("");

I can't find any definition of these in the code.
Maybe they are defined by gnome, and I don't have the right devel libraries loaded to get the man pages.

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