Re: sawfish on red hat 5.3

Hi Christopher,

I gave the installation an other try. Taking into account gtk+'s configuration output I installed the following modules manually:


but then gtk+'s compilation failed with an error on a missing definition for GHashTableIter. Well, went back and pulled the latest glib (2.22.0) and installed that. Now gtk+ compiles successfully and so it does rep-gtk and sawfish! But I have not yet tried to run anything, therefore, I still do not know whether all this convolution works or not.


Christopher Roy Bratusek wrote:
Am Dienstag, den 29.09.2009, 12:32 -0400 schrieb Rodrigo Amestica:

I'm trying to install

librep 0.90.2
rep-gtk 0.90.0
sawfish 1.5.2

but I'm working on a red hat 5.3 distribution. librep goes okay, but rep-gtk will fail because I do not have gtk+. If I try to install gtk+-2.12.12 I get so mane dependency failures that make me think is not doable in this distribution.

Would sawfish still work without rep-gtk? What would I be missing without it?


.. Use sawfish 1.5.1, it uses rep-gtk 0.18x (0.18.6r2 is the latest and
last), 1.5.2 only has one minor change in the Crux theme, doc updates
and compatibility with rep-gtk 0.90.0, so you won't miss much when using
1.5.1 instead 1.5.2, though 1.5.2+/1.6.0+ will require rep-gtk 0.90.0
and therefore gtk+2.12.

But you may try installing gtk+2.12 (and co) from RedHats SRPMS, that
should work.

Without rep-gtk you miss: all menus and SawfishUI (SawfishConfig in
1.6.0), so this is kind of no-go.


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