Re: [PATCH] Re: Removing old cruft

Am Sonntag, den 27.09.2009, 10:53 -0600 schrieb Michal Jaegermann:
> On Sun, Sep 27, 2009 at 07:38:29PM +0300, Timo Korvola wrote:
> > On Sunday 27 September 2009 14:55:40 Christopher Roy Bratusek wrote:
> > > here's the patch to drop our built-in audio-support, instead we
> > >  simply rely on playbin, /usr/bin/paplay by default.
> > 
> > You get anything close to decent sync with that?
> Probably not but when this is really needed?  OTOH this gives
> an easy way to shut sounds down.  Just set playbin to /bin/true.

Nope, it's much easier to disable sounds:

a) they are disabled by default
b) ( define-special-variable audio-events-enabled nil )

> I like a flexibility of such approach; only by a default it could
> search through few options somewhere is a setup.  Like
> /usr/bin/paplay, /usr/bin/aplay, /usr/bin/play.

Of course this aspect is also configurable (since ages):

( define-special-variable play-sample-program "/usr/bin/paplay" )

additionally you may use the following in your sawfish-config:

[program-available is an addition of 1.6.0]

(if (program-available "paplay")
  (define-special-variable play-sample-program "/usr/bin/paplay")
  (if (program-available "aplay")
    (define-special-variable play-sample-program "/usr/bin/aplay")

or whatever.

>     Michal


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