load-path hack; local overlay for system lisp

Hi. Let me send a hack (not yet a patch to go into trunk) to fix
'load-path'. With this, your ~/.sawfish/lisp/sawfish/wm.jl, or
whatever, will be preferred over /usr/share/sawfish/..../wm.jl Or, you
can choose one with SAWFISH_USER_LISP_DIR.

This is extremely useful for developers, and I use it as a user,
too. (I use hacked transient.jl.) I postpone completion of this, so it
may not be a part of 1.6. If anyone could make it, it'd be great.

* Accept multiple directories, seperated by colon. Developers will
  benefit, because it allows separation of user and testing directories.
* Delete corresponding lines from lisp/sawfish/wm.jl Read the comment
* Extend it for sawfish-ui, too.
* As far as I tried, 'canonical-file-name' didn't work in main.c. Why?

Happy sawfish,
Teika (Teika kazura)

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