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Hi all,

On Teikas "new questionaire on your usage of sawfish" several people
spoke about personal code snippets.

Earlier some snippets "hidden from the community" have been discovered
(and later merged) by luck, eg: Jeremy Hankins `new-workspace' matcher
and later on he did 3 more ... 

So if you got personal snippets, you are invited to post theme here:

eg.: Paul Evans `raise-on-loiter' sounds interessting (some others,
too). Other community members are free to comment/improve the snippets.


Also if you (or your distributor) have patches applied to
librep/rep-gtk/sawfish to make them work on your arch/distro or just to
alter behaviour, then don't hesitate to post them on the patches page:
http://sawfish.wikia.com/wiki/Patches ... perhaps other people will find
them usefull, too.

You can make sawfish even more of a community effort as it currently is,
if you wish to do so.

Thank you all for your support, and for staying tuned!


P.S.: You know from the postings of non-sawfish-users (yes, such people
REALLY exist), using sawfish automagically makes you a Geek or Nerd, as
you're one of the choosen people beeing able to handle that amount of
options without getting confused (GNOME removes options to make sure
their Users aren't confused). Plus: using lisp theese days completes
your geek/nerdness. Have Fun, Geek! ;)

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