Re: fdo-menu partial re-write

Am Sonntag, den 06.09.2009, 17:37 +0200 schrieb Christopher Roy
> Works for me.
> Just one thing: could you make update-saw-menu callable from
> sawfish.wm.menus? (if that wouldn't ignore settings from resourcefiles)
> When I could get rid of sawfish.wm.extras (since gnome-int does now only
> add some menu-entries and changes xterm and browser if not customized by
> the user it would be o.k. to let sawfish load sawfish.wm.defaults on
> every system, as it won't hurt, try-require would then be moved from
> sawfish.wm.extras to sawfish.wm.default and the former (which at this
> point is empty) is beeing removed)
> ... Tooltips and Icons would be also nice, but this is not necessary and
> a long-term task.
> Thanks a lot for your efforts,
> Chris

Didn't want to send two messages ...

... I've found a bug in Evolution: if you click "send message" and are
prompted for your password, but accidently press A+F4 and choose "edit
message" and then you're finished again click "send message" both
messages are sent. I know this scenario is pretty rare, but I'm a master
at producing rare scenarios ...


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