fdo-menu partial re-write

I did a partial re-write of fdo-menu.jl, mostly re-writing the .desktop file
parsing functions.  Before it was quite cumbersome and one would have to
add in new code for each of the key/value pairs in a potential .desktop
file one wanted to use, now instead of that it will read and parse the
entire .destkop file and import the contents of the file into a list,
for example, before (parse-desktop-file
"/usr/share/applications/emacs.desktop") would output ("Development"
"Emacs Text Editor" (system "emacs &")), now it will output 
("Desktop Entry"
 ("Name" . "Emacs Text Editor\n")
 ("Name[de]" . "Emacs Texteditor\n")
 ("GenericName" . "Text Editor\n")
 ("Comment" . "Edit text\n")
 ("MimeType" . "text/english;text/plain;text/x-makefile;text/x-c++hdr;text/x-c++src;text/x-chdr;text/x-csrc;text/x-java;text/x-moc;text/x-pascal;text/x-tcl;text/x-tex;application/x-shellscript;text/x-c;text/x-c++;\n")
 ("Exec" . "emacs %f\n")
 ("Icon" . "emacs-icon\n")
 ("Type" . "Application\n")
 ("Terminal" . "false\n")
 ("Categories" . "Development;TextEditor;\n")
 ("StartupWMClass" . "Emacs\n"))

or something similar.
- MimeTypes over 400 characters (there are a few) will get cut off (as 400
is the buffer limitation of (read-line) in librep.) -
you would now be able to grab the value of a key using (assoc, ie
(cdr (assoc "Icon" (parse-desktop-file
"/usr/share/applications/emacs.desktop"))) ==> "emacs-icon\n"
and then use (trim-end) to get the \n off the end (or in some cases the
%x), i.e.
(trim-end (cdr (assoc "Icon" (parse-desktop-file 
"/usr/share/applications/emacs.desktop"))) ==> "emacs-icon"

I think this will make it all much more versatile and easier to add new
features in the future. 

This has made it easier for the language support as well, and should fix
the problems associated with the varying length of the language strings.

I used the getenv order:

LC_ALL is not set on my system, nor in LANGUAGE, though the other 2
are.  I don't know if this is the best order or not, but it is easy to
change that now.

Here it is as a script if anyone wants to try it, add it to a load path,
and add the following to .sawfishr[/].rc
(require 'sawfish-menu)


Matthew Love

;; sawfish-menu-generator

;; fdo-desktop-file-parsing

(defun desktop-file-p (directory-file)
  (let ((this-file (open-file directory-file 'read)))
    (string= (read-line this-file) "[Desktop Entry]\012")))

(defun desktop-group-p (instring)
  (string= (substring instring 0 1) "["))

(defun desktop-skip-line-p (instring)
  (or (not instring)
      (string= (substring instring 0 1) "#")
      (string= (substring instring 0 1) "\012")))

(defun get-desktop-key (instring)
  (if (> (length instring) 3)
      (let ((break-number (get-key-break instring "=")))
	(if (< break-number 20)
	    (substring instring 0 break-number)))))

(defun get-desktop-value (instring)
  (if (> (length instring) 3)
      (let ((break-number (get-key-break instring "=")))
	(if (< break-number 20)
	    (substring instring (+ 1 break-number))))))

(defun get-desktop-group (instring)
  (substring instring 1 (- (length instring) 2)))

(defun get-key-break (instring key)
  (if instring
      (do ((mcount 0 (1+ mcount))) 
	  ((or (string= (substring instring mcount (+ mcount 1)) "\n")
	       (string= (substring instring mcount (+ mcount 1)) key)
	       (= mcount 398)) mcount))))

(defun parse-desktop-file-line (infile)
  (if (setq this-line (read-line infile))
      (if (not (desktop-skip-line-p this-line))
	   (if (desktop-group-p this-line)
	       (get-desktop-group this-line)
	     (if (not (desktop-group-p this-line))
		 (cons (get-desktop-key this-line) (get-desktop-value this-line))))
	   (parse-desktop-file-line infile))
	(parse-desktop-file-line infile))))

(defun parse-desktop-file (infile)
  (unless (not (desktop-file-p infile))
    (let ((d-file (open-file infile 'read)))
      (parse-desktop-file-line d-file))))

;; generic functions

(defun map-desk-files (in-desk-files in-directory)
  (if in-desk-files
      (cons (expand-file-name (car in-desk-files) in-directory)
	    (map-desk-files (cdr in-desk-files) in-directory))))
(defun map-dir-files (directories)
  (if directories
      (if (file-directory-p (car directories))
	  (let ((desk0 (directory-files (car directories))))
	    (cons (map-desk-files desk0 (car directories)) 
		  (map-dir-files (cdr directories))))
	(map-dir-files (cdr directories)))))

(defun flatten (input)
  (cond ((null input) nil)
	((atom input) (list input))
	(t (append (flatten (car input))
		   (flatten (cdr input))))))

(defun trim-end (string)
   ((string= (aref string (- (length string) 3)) 37)
    (substring string 0 (- (length string) 4)))
     (substring string 0 (- (length string) 1)))))

(defun find-lang-string ()
   ((getenv "LC_ALL")
    (let ((mlang (getenv "LC_ALL")))
      (if (> (length mlang) 2)
	  (substring mlang 0 5)
	(substring mlang 0 2))))
   ((getenv "LANG")
    (let ((mlang (getenv "LANG")))
      (if (> (length mlang) 2)
	  (substring mlang 0 5)
	(substring mlang 0 2))))
   ((getenv "LANG_MESSAGES")
    (let ((mlang (getenv "LANG_MESSAGES")))
      (if (> (length mlang) 2)
	  (substring mlang 0 5)
	(substring mlang 0 2))))
   ((getenv "LANG_MESSAGES")
    (let ((mlang (getenv "LANG_MESSAGES")))
      (if (> (length mlang) 2)
	  (substring mlang 0 5)
	(substring mlang 0 2))))))

;; Variables that can be set in .sawfish[/]rc    

(if (not (boundp 'desktop-directory))
    (defvar desktop-directory '("/usr/share/applications")))

(if (not (boundp 'my-lang-string))
    (defvar my-lang-string (find-lang-string)))

(if my-lang-string
    (define name-string "Name["))

(if (not (boundp 'ignore-no-display))
    (defvar ignore-no-display '()))

(if (not (boundp 'want-alphabetize))
    (defvar want-alphabetize 't))

(if (not (boundp 'my-term-string))
    (defvar my-term-string "xterm -e "))

(if (not (boundp 'use-fdo-menu))
    (defvar use-fdo-menu 't))

;; The Master Category List

(defvar menu-cat-alist
  '(("Desktop" .  ("X-Desktop" "X-DesktopApplets" "X-DesktopCountry" \
		   "DesktopSettings" "GNOME" "KDE" "X-GNOME-PersonalSettings" \
    ("Personal" . ("X-Personal" "X-PersonalUtility" "Calendar" "ContactManagement"))
    ("Office" . ("Office" "WordProcessor" "Presentation" "X-Document" \
		 "TextEditor" "SpreadSheet" "Calculator" "X-Calculate" \
		 "Chart" "FlowChart" "Finance"))
    ("Internet" . ("Telephony" "Network" "Dialup" "VideoConference" \
		   "RemoteAccess" "News" "HamRadio" "FileTransfer" \
		   "X-Internet" "P2P" "Email" "WebBrowser" "IRCClient" "Chat" \
		   "InstantMessaging" "Chat" "WebDevelopment"))
    ("Games" . ("Game" "ActionGame" "AdventureGame" "ArcadeGame" "BoardGame" "Emulator"\
		"BlocksGame" "CardGame" "KidsGame" "LogicGame" "RolePlaying" "Simulation"))
    ("Graphics" . ("RasterGraphics" "VectorGraphics" "X-GraphicUtility" \
		   "2DGraphics" "3dGraphics" "3DGraphics" "Scanning" "OCR" "Photography" \
		   "Viewer" "Publishing" "Art" "ImageProcessing"))
    ("Media" . ("AudioVideo" "Audio", "Video" "Midi" "Mixer" "Sequencer" "Tuner" \
		"TV" "AudioVideoEditing" "Player" "Recorder" "DiscBurning" "Music"))
    ("Science" . ("Science" "Astrology" "ArtificialIntelligence" "Astronomy" \
		  "Biology" "Chemistry" "ComputerScience" "DataVisualization" \
		  "Electricity" "Robotics" "Physics" "Math" "Education" "Geography"))
    ("Development" . ("GUIDesigner" "IDE" "Profiling" "RevisionControl" \
		      "ProjectManagement" "Translation" "GTK" "Development" \
		      "Qt" "Development" "Documentation"))
    ("Utility" . ("X-SystemMemory" "Security" "Utility" \
		  "X-SetupEntry" "X-SetupUtility" "X-SystemMemory" \
		  "TextTools" "TelephonyTools" "Accessibility" "Clock" \
    ("Filesystem" .  ("X-FileSystemFind" "X-FileSystemUtility" "Archiving" \
		      "FileManager" "X-FileSystemMount" "Compression"))
    ("System" . ("X-SystemSchedule" "System" "X-SystemMemory" \
		 "TerminalEmulator" "Dictionary" "Puppy" "Printing" "Monitor" "Security"))
    ("Settings" . ("Settings" "HardwareSettings" "PackageManager"))))

;; Get the correct Name value based on language settings
(defun find-lang-in-desktop-file (fdo-list)
  (if (assoc (concat name-string my-lang-string "]") fdo-list)
      (concat name-string my-lang-string "]")
    (if (assoc (concat name-string (substring my-lang-string 0 2) "]") fdo-list)
	(concat name-string (substring my-lang-string 0 2) "]")

;; generate a saw-fish menu entry from a .desktop file
(defun generate-menu-entry (desk-file)
  (if (and (not (file-directory-p desk-file))
	   (desktop-file-p desk-file))
      (let ((fdo-list (parse-desktop-file desk-file)))
	(if (not (string= (cdr (assoc "NoDisplay" fdo-list)) "true\n"))
	    (cons (parse-cat-list (build-cat-list (trim-end (cdr (assoc "Categories" fdo-list)))))
		  (cons (trim-end (cdr (assoc (find-lang-in-desktop-file fdo-list) fdo-list)))
			(if (string= (cdr (assoc "Terminal" fdo-list)) "true")
			    (cons (list 
				   'system (concat my-term-string (trim-end (cdr (assoc "Exec" fdo-list))) " &")))
			  (cons (list 'system (concat (trim-end (cdr (assoc "Exec" fdo-list))) " &"))))))))))

;; Functions for categories
(defun fix-sub-cats (cat-list loc-list)
  (if cat-list
      (let ((cat-val (car cat-list)))
	(if (assoc cat-val loc-list)
	    (cons (cdr (assoc cat-val loc-list))
		  (fix-sub-cats cat-list (remove (assoc cat-val loc-list) loc-list)))
	  (fix-sub-cats (cdr cat-list) loc-list)))))

;; Associate values from the Master Category list with sub-categories from file
(defun fix-cats (cat-list)
  (if cat-list
      (let ((cat-val (car (car cat-list)))
	    (c-list (fix-sub-cats (car cat-list) *loc-menu*)))
	(if (car c-list)
	    (cons (cons cat-val c-list) (fix-cats (cdr cat-list)))
	  (fix-cats (cdr cat-list))))))

;; Convert a Categories key value from ; delineated records to a list
(defun build-cat-list (line) 
  (if (> (length line) 1)
      (let ((this-cat (prin1-to-string (read-from-string line))))
	(cons this-cat 
	      (if (< (length this-cat) (length line))
		  (build-cat-list (substring line (+ 1 (length this-cat)))))))))

;; Helper for (parse-desk-line)
;; Determine best category to use... :|
(defun parse-cat-list (cat-list)
  (if (cdr cat-list)
      (let ((this-cat (car cat-list)))
	(if (or
	     (string= this-cat "GNOME")
	     (string= this-cat "GTK")
	     (string= this-cat "KDE")
	     (string= this-cat "Qt")
	     (string= this-cat "X-XFCE")
	     (string= this-cat "Application"))
	    (parse-cat-list (cdr cat-list))
    (car cat-list)))

;; Alphabetize the entries in the category menus
(defun alphabetize-entries (saw-menu)
  (if saw-menu
      (cons (cons (car (car saw-menu)) 
		  (sort (cdr (car saw-menu)) string<)) 
	    (alphabetize-entries (cdr saw-menu)))))

;; Update the menu
(define (update-sawfish-menu)
  (unless (not use-fdo-menu)
    (setq *loc-menu* nil)
    (defvar desk-files (flatten (map-dir-files desktop-directory)))
    (mapc (lambda (x)
	    (setq *loc-menu* (append *loc-menu* (list (generate-menu-entry x))))) desk-files)
    (if want-alphabetize
	(setq apps-menu (alphabetize-entries (fix-cats menu-cat-alist)))
      (setq apps-menu (fix-cats menu-cat-alist)))))


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