Re: fdo-menu partial re-write

Works for me (sets language correctly now, out-of-the-box (de_DE.UTF8 ->

Just one thing: could you make update-saw-menu callable from
sawfish.wm.menus? (only if that wouldn't ignore settings from
resourcefiles, but I guess not)

When I could get rid of sawfish.wm.extras (since gnome-int does now only
add some menu-entries and changes xterm and browser if not customized by
the user, it would be o.k. to let sawfish load sawfish.wm.defaults on
every system, as it won't hurt (anymore), try-require would then be
moved from sawfish.wm.extras to sawfish.wm.default and the former (which
at this point is empty) is beeing removed)

... Tooltips and Icons would be also nice, but this is not necessary and
a long-term task.

Thanks a lot for your efforts,

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