New 'viewport shifted hook' ?

Hi, Jeremy. Let me ask you a question on dynamic VP.

In dynamic VP, when you go left or up and the VP is enlarged, all
windows are "shifted" to right or down, right? (And the opposite for
top/left part shrinking.)

Is it possible to detect these "shifts"? If not, I think we need
'viewport-shifted-hook' which passes (list workspace x-increase
y-increase) to hook functions. 

An alternative is to set the value to new global variable
'viewport-shift' during the call of viewport-resize-hook.

I don't understand workspace things well, since I don't use multiple
workspaces. But it seems that VP size is common to all WS, so shift is
common, too?

I've written a small script which "remembers" the formerly focused window
and the pointer position in each viewport. (I switch VP with shift + arrow,
and it enables to resume the stopped work in each VP.) But it doesn't
work if VP gets shifted.

Teika (Teika kazura)

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